Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

If you have a floor at home, then you need a vacuum. It’s that simple. If you share your home with pets, then you’ll want a great vacuum cleaner for pet hair. A vacuum that works well with fur will let you spend more time loving your pet and less time hating their mess.

Here are the 5 best vacuums we’ve found that work to clean up after our fur babies.

Bissel 9595A

This is our primary go-to for our upstairs carpet. It does an excellent job of getting stubborn fur out of the carpet while offering the convenience of an upright. It is a bagless model, but you don’t get much of a mess when it’s time to dump out the debris you’ve vacuumed. You can also choose from various bundles that can help you to remove stains, eliminate odor, or deodorize your carpet.

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Shark Navigator

This model is one we love because it covers all our floor surfaces effectively. It does a consistently good job on the carpet, but thrives on our laminate and tile floors. We’ve also tested it out on hardwood floors and it doesn’t scratch them up or blow the fur around. As an upright, however, you do need to use the attachments and the microfiber pads as part of the hard floor cleaning process, so there are additional steps to consider with this vacuum.

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Hoover WindTunnel MAX

Don’t settle for the standard WindTunnel model. It just doesn’t have enough power to get the job done. The MAX version offers multi-cyclonic technology so that dirt particles are filtered before your debris hits the filter. Even with heavy loads of fur, you have more time using this vac and less time cleaning or maintaining it. We also love the fact the cord is 28 feet long, so you can do a whole room without needing to change from outlet to outlet.

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Dyson Big Ball Animal

Although we like the stick designs more from this brand, Dysons are some of the most well rated. This model is perfect for those who need to have an upright for their home. There is a definite increase in the amount of suction received from this unit compared to other makes and models. It’s easy to use and maintain, captures extra dust, and has a self-adjusting cleaner head that lets it work on your hard floors. It has extra tools for an all-in-one cleaning experience too.

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Best Upright Models

If you have a lot of floor space to cover in your home, then an upright vacuum is your best option. These are the best upright vacuums for hair that we’ve found to be useful in our home.

Bissel Pet Eraser

Most vacuums give you a brush roll that gets tangled with hair over time. Not this one. It’s spooling system is one of the best inventions for cleaning up after fur babies that we’ve ever seen. The eraser tool helps to remove that stubborn hair out of your carpet too. It also has an allergen seal system and uses a Febreze pet odor eliminator as you work to save you time.

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Dirt Devil Power Flex

We liked this upright model because it has different types of bristles on its roller. This makes it easier to clean hard floors after you’ve finished with the carpet. You also have a “turbo claw” accessories that works incredibly well on couches and rugs. A carbon filter works as you clean to stop odors, but this vacuum’s strength is its lightweight build. You can take it from room to room with relative ease.

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Best Cordless Units

It’s nice to have a strong vacuum, but the cords on so many models make it difficult to reach under beds, couches, or in tight spaces. That’s why a cordless could be your best friend.

Bissel Hand Vac

We like this cordless unit because it offers a longer running time and has multi-layer filtration that keeps the equipment from jamming up on you. There’s a detachable brush to help you scrape up the stubborn fur like a pumice stone. It’s great for stairs, chairs, and upholstered furniture.

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Hoover Linx

For an affordable stick vacuum, this model does a surprisingly good job. It has an equivalent performance to the WindTunnelvaccums that Hoover produces. The 18v rechargeable battery gives you about 30 minutes of solid cleaning time. It has a multi-floor brush that will let you transition seamlessly from carpeting to hard flooring with a simple button to press. It also has a nice and low profile, making it easy to get underneath edges and beds.

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Best Bagless Models

Bagged vacuums typically do better for excessive pet hair, but if you only have a dog or a cat at home, these bagless models will help you take care of your floors effectively well.

Bissell Bagless Upright

This model is surprisingly powerful. It will take up household dirt and pet dander with ease. The rotating brush is rated to clean hard floors too, though it works better on carpet. You have several tools and accessories at your disposal with this vacuum, including a pet turbo eraser that is incredibly efficient. If you have pet hair on your drapes, this is the vacuum you’re going to want.

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Shark Rotator

This TruePet model is one of the best vacuums for homes that have multiple floors that need care. Our home is carpeted upstairs and laminate wood downstairs and this vacuum handles both quite well. It’s designed with a lift-away pod, so it can be used as a canister vac for your stairs in addition to an upright. You receive a washable microfiber pad that gives your hardwood or bare flooring a superior clean. It’s easily one of the most versatile models that is on the market today.

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Best Bagged Models

Bagged vacuum cleaners limit the mess that happens when disposing of debris. For homes that own several pets, this category really is your best option.

Oreck Canister

This model weighs just 5 pounds, so you can take it anywhere in your home to get a superior clean. It also has an authentic HEPA filter, which will really help with any allergy triggers that might be lingering in your carpet. The hose is five feet long, so you’ve got plenty of room to work with this vacuum. If you have steps and hallways that clog up with fur, this unit will take care of it easily.

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Kenmore 31140

This upright unit makes cleaning your carpeted floors a simple job. It will clean your carpets in a single pass more thoroughly than cheaper models will do in two or more passes. It also has an aluminum telescoping wand, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the plastic wands that other hoses tend to be today. Transitions are flawless with this model and you’ll avoid messes thanks to the built-in performance indicator.

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Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood floors, then you need a specialty vacuum that won’t scratch up your home. These models made the grade for us.

Severin Special

This canister vacuum is remarkably silent, registering at just 72 decibels. It handles large spaces, but still filters out the air that comes out of the exhaust. After just a couple cleaning days with this model, you’ll notice a remarkably cleaner atmosphere in your home. It works well with even sensitive hard floors and comes with two microfiber dust bags and HEPA filtration for the best possible experience.

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Zenith Soniclean

This unit was the biggest surprise out of all the ones we brought home to test. It is very lightweight, but is still built for durability and power. It uses sonic vibrations to help loosen up the dirt, debris, and fur that is stuck in the carpet or trapped near a wall. The process creates a superior level of clean, especially with the HEPA filtration to 0.3 microns. It also lays flat, so you can clean under virtually anything. Separate modes are available for carpeted and hard floors.

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Best Robot Vacuum

If you don’t have enough time to vacuum daily, but need to do so, then a robotic vacuum could be an effective solution. These models can stand up to tough jobs and pets who might want to play with the vacuum.

EC Technology

This model automatically adjusts for all floor types, so it will clean your rugs and hardwood floors at the same time with ease. It worked wonders for our laminate flooring. It will automatically dock and recharge when it is finished each day. A three-stage cleaning system creates agitation, then brushes the dirt into suction areas that leave an effectively clean surface. It even handles those tricky corners that every home tends to have.

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iRobot Roomba 650

If you change where your couch or chair happens to be, many units struggle to adapt to the new layout. Not this one. It will even adjust to your pets walking through the room while you’re away if need be. You can schedule up to 7 cleanings per week with its 3-stage system. It automatically docks, recharges, and adjusts to all floor types as well. We recommend the replenishment kit, but you’ll save $80 by purchasing the vacuum only.

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Best Stick Designs

If you want to know how to remove stubborn pet hair from your floor, then consider purchasing a stick vac. These portable vacuums are surprisingly powerful, especially if you live in an apartment, flat, or condo.

Bissel Bolt

This stick vac offers a handheld option so you can clean just about everywhere in your home. Specialized tools let you remove hair from your carpet or rugs. You’ll receive about 25 minutes of power with the 14.4v battery. Unless your space is quite messy, the canister is large enough so that you only need to dump it when your power runs out or the job is done. The handle folds two ways for easier storage too.

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Dibea C01

This stick vac delivers a powerful 7kpa suction with a motor-driven roller brush. This allows it to clean just as effectively as a regular upright design. You have a handheld mode with this model as well, giving you 120W of power wherever you need it. Up to 220 degrees of rotation is possible and there is less mess with the slider canister cup for your debris.

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Best Handheld Designs

If your pet likes to hang out on the stairs or go on road trips with you, then these handheld vacuums are going to be heaven-sent.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

This cordless handheld unit lets you clean anywhere. It works just as well on soft surfaces as it does for hard ones. You have a full set of upholstery tools to use for any tight corner, while the dual-action filtration system lets you keep working instead of needing to clean out a clog here and there. The motorized foot gives you a surprisingly strong suction, so you receive a superior cleaning experience.

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Jokes about the name aside, this little handheld unit does a great job of pulling up tough pet hair. It also charges quickly, so you can use it multiple times per day. It can clean up to 150 square meters, but in practical terms, you’ll get to finish your stairs on a single charge. Dumping is easy too and without the mess that other handhelds tend to leave behind.

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Best Canister Models

Canister vacuums are a good option for general cleaning needs. They work on all floor types and are often portable enough to use on stairs too.

Bissel Expert

This corded canister model uses the same multi-cyclonic technology that many uprights use. That means it’s tough on your pet fur, but still gentle on your floors. We really like this one because of how well it works on area rugs. It doesn’t pull at the fringe or move your rug, but still gives you a good clean. The dirt tank opens easily for a no-mess disposal too, which is needed for homes with multiple pets.

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Eureka Mighty Mite

This small unit is perfect for smaller homes or houses that have unique layouts. It will suck up hair like a hungry beast and the 20-foot power cord gives you a lot of maneuverability. You can also change the airflow for the ports to use this vacuum as a blower outside to clear leaves and other debris from your paths or yard. It’s a solid value purchase from our perspective.

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Best Shark Designs

If you want a premium vacuum brand, but don’t want to pay more than a week’s worth of groceries to get it, then Shark is a solid option. These models are excellent value purchases.

Shark Navigator Lift Away

This unit gives you the benefits of two other Shark models. You receive the lift away power while having the navigator options for multi-floor compatibility. It also comes with a HEPA filter so dust and allergens are reduced immediately after cleaning your floors. You also receive the microfiber pads for dust cleaning on your hard surfaces and the whole thing weighs less than 15 pounds.

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Shark Navigator Swivel

This upright unit gives you the multiple benefits you’d expect to receive from a whole-home vacuum. The swivel steering gives you easy maneuverability, while hair doesn’t stand a chance with the multiple tools you receive with this model. The dirt cup has a large capacity and is easy to remove without making much of a mess. It also offers an option to stop the roller bar so you can clean effectively on hard floors.

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Best Dyson Designs

We really like the Dyson stick designs above the other models that are available. If the price of this brand makes you want a whole home vacuum instead of one dedicated just to pet hair (and that’s completely understandable), we like these options.

Dyson Multi-Floor 2

We like this model because it has a self-adjusting cleaner head that reads multiple floor types. Any flooring, including tile or brick, is cleaned effectively with this Dyson. The radial root cyclone technology grabs a lot of fur too, even though it isn’t rated for that task. We also like the instant-release wand for multiple cleaning needs and the ease of emptying a filled canister.

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Dyson DC33

This model is a good lightweight option for general household work. The telescoping wand reaches over 15 feet, so you can clean cobwebs on some of the tallest raised ceilings. The wand also works well for cleaning fluff out from underneath a bed. It features a lifetime washable HEPA filter and we could not get it to lose suction whatsoever. It is also backed by a 5-year warranty.

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Be sure to review our page on the Dyson brand to see if it is right for your home. We suggest premium alternatives that offer a similar experience, but often for a lower price than the Dyson brand typically offers.

Best for Hair on Carpet

If you have high pile carpet, then finding a vacuum cleaner that meets your needs can be incredibly difficult. These are the options that we’ve found tend to work the best for our carpeting.

Miele Complete C3 Marin

This unit offers six stages of variable speed controls. Commands are at the handle, so you don’t need to bend over constantly to make changes on the canister itself. You’ll receive automatic speed settings as well, along with a premium electro brush. The accessories are integrated into the unit itself, which is supported by an air-clean sealed system. There’s an underbody light that helps you see hair so you can suck it up effectively. It offers a total cleaning reach of 36 feet.

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This backpack design gives you the most versatility for working around your home. It works like a canister model, except you wear it on your back. This stops a lot of the bending and crouching movements that are needed while vacuuming. With the telescoping wand kit, you can clean virtually any carpet or floor with ease. There isn’t any exhaust either, so you can transition from carpet to hardwood or tile or even concrete without a problem. It’s a high filtration machine that has a price similar to other premium models.

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Many of the models you’ll find on this site are designed to work with carpet in one way or another. Each has the potential to be the one that meets the needs for your home. Be sure to review each option. Those included in this category are simply superior, in our view, for a higher pile or plush carpet.

Best for Tile Floors

Tile floors can be tough. The grouted edges create recesses for trapped debris with many hardwood models. That’s why we recommend these if your floors are mostly tile.

Bissel PowerEdge

The V-shape of this model makes it easier to get into the tough spaces that you’ll find on tile floors. Larger debris is sent toward the central suction path, but fine debris is still captured by the smaller wings on this vacuum. You can clean around furniture with ease, get into corners, and even clean low-pile carpet or area rugs if you wish. The 20-foot cord lets you work almost anywhere. It’s a simple, affordable, but versatile for the home that takes on pets with ease.

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Oreck Upright

With HEPA bags, floor-safe versatility, and dual cleaning speeds, fur on tile floors doesn’t stand a chance with this high-powered unit. A HEPA filter works with the bags to remove allergen triggers with ease while you get rid of the fluff that has collected on your floor. You can move from tile floors to carpeting or hardwoods thanks to the dual settings. You’ll receive additional bags with your purchase as well.

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Best for Under $100

When your budget is tight, purchasing a vacuum for hundreds of dollars is out of the question. Our family has been in that situation more than once. These are the best models in the under-$100 category that will still let you enjoy the benefits of a clean home.

Bissell Clean View

This bagless upright unit still comes equipped with OnePass technology, so you can work quickly and still get a majority of the fur out of your carpet. You also receive a TurboBrush tool and a tank filter to improve the quality of air in your home. The crevice tool is especially helpful, but that’s because the cyclonic system does a great job of making sure you receive a clean floor. As an added bonus, this model is an older one, so you receive a discount on the technology.

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This stick model offers 130W of suction power. It can be used at full length or without the extension tube, making it an effective handheld vacuum too. It offers true HEPA filtration and sponge filters too, so re-circulated air doesn’t create an allergen trigger. It can be used on virtually any surface, requires very little maintenance, and has a 19-foot power cord so you don’t have to worry about recharging times. For smaller spaces or stairs, this is a superior purchase.

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Be sure to review our other categories as many offer models that are priced at $100 or less.

In Conclusion

Finding the right vacuum cleaner for your home can be a headache. With our family of 6, along with 3 dogs and 2 cats, we know this challenge very well.

That’s why we’ve shared our experiences here.

Make sure to review our guide to the symptoms of owning an ineffective vacuum to make sure you know when it’s time to replace or upgrade your current model.

We also talk about how often vacuuming is needed with pets because let’s face it: our time is limited and vacuuming is often the last thing on our list of things to do.

Also, maybe you’re trying to find the right vacuum type for your pet. Or maybe you’re wondering if a vacuum can help with your allergies.

With the right equipment, you can have cleaner floors. You can reduce allergen triggers. Your house can feel clean. That happens when you own the a top rated vacuum for pet hair.

Thanks for stopping by.

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